Benefits of Buying New Build Homes

How Many New Build Homes are There? A new-build home means one that's brand new and has never been lived in. Istanbul annually needs 100,000 new houses, but 120,000 new houses are being built in Istanbul every year, so it is being produced around 20,000 more houses. New homes offer the latest

Get Perfect Eyelid Shape Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty Introduction Today's concept of facial rejuvenation emphasizes harmonious natural looking without the stigma of surgery.  Several techniques have thus far affected elevation of the midface through various approaches to anatomical repositioning of tissues. Currently, howev

Beware of Housing Scam!!

Are you ready to buy a house? Beware of Housing Scam! People are increasingly falling victim to property fraud because scammers are now using much more sophisticated tactics. We have collected some precautions for you can do to protect yourself. Be careful not to be defrauded before buying a hou


CONSTRUCTION FAIR IN GAZİANTEP The construction industry of Gaziantep aims to participate more shares from Middle East bazaars via BUILDEST and real estate fairs which will be held on 3-6 October. The fairs will be held in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GSO), Gaziantep


THREE HISTORIC NEIGHBOURHOODS FOR LOVERS OF ISTANBUL Istanbul, more than 2000 years, has been associated with major events in political, religious and art history, and it was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The Historic Areas of Istanbul are a group of sites in th

Liposuction (Removing Fat)

About Liposuction Liposuction is a process to remove excess fat in certain areas of the body, in order to improve the appearance of the body in terms of aesthetics and to reduce waist circumference in addition to the oceans of other areas of the body. In the surgical procedure, a special devic