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كول سنتر

الكول سنتر

ما هو نظام الكول سنتر: إنه نظام يسمح للشركات بإدارة قنوات اتصال متعددة مثل الهاتف والبريد الإلكتروني والدردشة الحية والرسائل الفورية والرسائل النصية القصيرة ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي. يمكن استخدامه كجزء من دعم العملاء(customer support) أو برنامج المساعدة عن بعد (help desk) مع ميزة حجز التذاكر لمس
الاستثمار في الجنسية - أرابيست جروب

الاستثمار في الجنسية هل يعتبر خيارا أم فرضا على من استطاع إليه سبيلا

الاستثمار في الجنسية هو عبارة عن استثمار المال بطريقة ما للحصول على جنسية بلد آخر غير البلد الأم الذي ينتمي لجنسيته المستثمر. تتعدد الطرق والخيارات في سبيل الحصول على الجنسية وتختلف تلك الطرق حسب الدولة والشروط التي وضعتها لتسهيل أو تمكين المستثمرين من الحصول على جنسيتها، فبعض الدول سهلت كثيرا ه
insurance in Turkey

Home Insurance in Turkey

Introduction[i] There are approximately 22 million houses in Turkey, but only 4 million houses have insurance. Although the number of insured households has continued to increase each day in Turkey, it is still not enough. Homeowners insure home insurance to secure their houses. Our houses are u
الجنسية التركية

The Power of Turkey Passport

As the world has become increasingly globalized and travel has become such a popular norm for people, having visa-free access has made it very encouraging for people to travel. Individuals want to transcend the borders and access various business, career, cultural and lifestyle opportunities on a
The benefits of property

Benefits of buying property in Turkey

A lot of people come across the question where to buy a property. Turkey gives you many reasons why you should decide for this beautiful country. So why to buy a property in Turkey? - Turkish economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the property market uses this fact

Turkish Citizenship and Real Estate Investment

Introduction In 2018, an average of 20,000 people became Turkish citizens. When investing a certain amount in the country, taking Turkish citizenship is very easy. More than 250 foreign investors have invested $ 4.8 billion. Usually, citizens of Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Russia prefer Turke
To rent or to buy - arabist group


WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU: TO BUY VS TO RENT? Owning a house is one of the most common financial goals in people’s life. Because it might give you stability, control, equity, and success. The sense of stability and consistency is important to feel secure and content. On the other side, buying a hou


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING OFF-PLAN? What is the meaning of the off-plan? It is to buy your home before the developer has finished building it or even before construction has begun. In return, you can secure a brand-new home for a relatively small deposit, and you can have a word in

Benefits of Buying New Build Homes

How Many New Build Homes are There? A new-build home means one that's brand new and has never been lived in. Istanbul annually needs 100,000 new houses, but 120,000 new houses are being built in Istanbul every year, so it is being produced around 20,000 more houses. New homes offer the latest

Beware of Housing Scam!!

Are you ready to buy a house? Beware of Housing Scam! People are increasingly falling victim to property fraud because scammers are now using much more sophisticated tactics. We have collected some precautions for you can do to protect yourself. Be careful not to be defrauded before buying a hou


CONSTRUCTION FAIR IN GAZİANTEP The construction industry of Gaziantep aims to participate more shares from Middle East bazaars via BUILDEST and real estate fairs which will be held on 3-6 October. The fairs will be held in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GSO), Gaziantep
Istanbul Map

Where can I buy a property in Istanbul?

Where can I buy a property in Istanbul? It is a hard question to answer and decide for people who want to buy a house in Istanbul. I have heard those words once I sit with my grandfather: “the worst field you have is better than your best brother.” What I mean is that it won't hurt you even worst r

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