DHI (Direct Hair Transplant)

DHI (Direct Hair Transplant)


(Direct Hair Transplant) Choi Implanter

It is one of the new and great methods for hair transplant it has many advantages the doctor performs the surgery with the help of a special pencil called Choi implanter it was originally made at Kyungpook National University (KNU) in Korea, it has many advantages such as time reduced from 02 to 06 hours unlike FUE method, good density, great hairline, no need for shaving your hair for patients that need only density. The pencil itself is then with 0.8 mm diameter.

the number of grafts for one session is between 3000 to 4000 grafts. Not all patients are suitable for DHI depends always on the doctor’s decision.

DHI - Arabist Group
(Direct hair transplant) Choi implanter

The extraction phase is the same as FUE using the micromotor to harvest the graft from the donor area one by one under local Anesthesia mixed with sedation, the doctor takes only what the treatment area needs to not harm the donor area, the grafts then also preserved in the special liquid hypothermosol to help the grafts to stay strong and fresh.

Unlike FUE the in the implantation phase the doctor doesn’t need to open the channels to implant the grafts, with the help of Choi implanter the doctor can do that in the same time, first he places  the grafts one by one inside the pan then with one click we implant the graft in the treatment area without any pain or blood this procedure is really good for front line and density, the number of grafts that can be achieved with Choi implanter is more than a 100 graft in one cm2 which give us a good density, the doctor can choose the right angle and direction for more natural and healthy look.

For more information’s don’t hesitate to contact us and we will restore your hair back with DHI method.

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Written By Tarek Balcasemi
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