Patient Experience

hair transplant in Istanbul

Patient Experience

Written by Tarek Belkacemi

Our manager always says in meetings (the most important thing in our line of work is perfection plus the satisfaction of our patients) and that is our main goal.

In this blog, I would like to share one of our patients’ experiences.

Starting when we received a call from dear Mr. Anderson a great man that was interested in fixing his hair problem.

It was my Honour to be the one serving him and giving him answers to all of his concerns and explaining the details of the process.

Most of his questions were: (Mr. Anderson = A).  (Me =M)

A: How much grafts we can harvest from the Donor Area?

M: we will take as many grafts as we can without damaging the donor part considering how much you need to cover all the bald area.

A: Is it only one session or more?

M: In one session we can take up to 4000 grafts if it was not enough then we can make the second session the next day.

A: How many days I need to stay in Istanbul?

M: We only require 3 days the first day is your operation day the second is for rest if you don’t need another session the third day is a washing session then you will be great.

A: Is there any guarantee that the operation will be successful?

M: Yes, of course, we will provide you with a warranty latter from the hospital (IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE RESULT YOU GET ANOTHER OPERATION FOR FREE OR WE GIVE YOU BACK YOUR MONEY).

After a long conversation, Mr. Anderson decided to make his first life Hair Transplant with us.

From the time we started the preparation to welcome our dear patient.

The first thing we did was to book his 5 stars hotel in a great Touristic place “Taksim” after that we book the operation room by his name and book his VIP car with a driver and a translator with his own language to make sure everything goes as planned.

The day Mr. Anderson arrives:

In the 07-12-2018 Mr. Anderson arrived at Istanbul new airport when he found our driver and translator waiting for him with a sign by his name.

We welcomed our dear guest bay giving him a quick tour on our way to the hospital.

When we arrived, we went to see the doctor for the examination it was fantastic and with the most professional way the doctor started drawing the frontline he gave some examples and the patient chooses what he wants considering the natural look.

Then we took our dear guest for blood tests to make sure he is healthy, and he is not surfing from any medical problems.

Breakfast was served after that.

The result took 2 hours to revel at that time we were having a great time chatting and getting to know each other.

When the result came it was good, so we were clear to inter the operation room the doctor was waiting and his 3 assistants plus the antitheologies.

During the operation:

The patient lay down and watching tv While the antitheologies were applying sedation. (it’s a mix of two medications to make you lose filing in your head during 10 to 15 Min).

Then local anesthesia without feeling any pain.

After a while the doctor and his team starts the operation by extracting the grafts from the donor area which is located on the backside of the head, one by one using a special device called Micromotor his diameter is 0.6mm and spin super-fast  and placing them in a special liquid called hypothermosol to increase the life of the grafts.

Mr. Anderson was so happy with teamwork and he felt no pain.

This phase took two and a half hours, he took a break to rest for half hour then they restarted. This time directly started implanting the grafts because the method used in his hair transplant is DHI (direct hair transplant) with the help of a special pen called Choi implanter.

The team was putting the grafts one by one inside of the Choi implanter and giving them to the doctor and he implants them choosing the right angle and direction for the natural healthy look.

After five hours the hair transplant ended.

Mr. Anderson was so happy when he saw how his hair will grow to look like.

We gave him medications and instructions on how he should sleep.

We drove our dear patient to his hotel and made sure that he was okay and took our way back home.

The next day he called me and said that he has some blood coming from his donor area he was afraid then I told him that it’s totally normal after the operation and we took him to change his bandages.

Then we went to see some historical places in beautiful Istanbul.

The next day we took Mr. Anderson to the hospital again for his washing session and we taught him how he could wash his hair in the coming three months, and we gave him a gift as medications.

He was happy with us and we were so honored to serve him.

Our journey did not stop when we took him back to the airport that day, of course, our follow up team kept supervising his case weekly.

This was a story about only one of our dear patients there are more happy customers who used these services and their lives completely changed.

The last thing is only one question: are you ready to change your life and get your treatment done with 100% service quality.

Are you ready to feel young again and attract people around you? The real question is (ARE YOU READY TO ATTRACT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AGAIN). It is easy and funny. I will feel proud to be your friend here.

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