Benefits of buying property in Turkey

The benefits of property

Benefits of buying property in Turkey

A lot of people come across the question where to buy a property. Turkey gives you many reasons why you should decide for this beautiful country. So why to buy a property in Turkey?

– Turkish economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the property market uses this fact.
– the prices of properties for sale in Turkey are low in comparison to European countries with a similar climate.
– the costs of living are low.
– low property taxes.
– great investment return (rental property in Turkey with profit).
– perfect location with flights from Europe all year round.
– Turkey offers great climate with holiday homes for sale mostly close to the sea.
– many historical places, beautiful nature and coastal scenery in the Mediterranean and Aegean Region.


Foreigners are looking for apartments or villas for sale in Turkey to spend holidays or to have a home in Turkey for retirement. Great investment return is one of the many reasons, why investors have decided to buy a property in Turkey. With its strong economic growth, Turkey provides for property buyers safe place for investing their money.

Why is the investment in a property in Turkey profitable? The simple answer is that Turkey is a tourism destination and the demand for property for sale or rent is therefore high. If you buy a property in Turkey, the profit comes along.

You are about to read these lines because you are probably seriously considering buying a property in Turkey, or maybe just comparing it with another location and want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Whether for holidaying, or just for investment, if the idea of buying a property in Turkey ever crossed your mind, no matter if you are familiar with this country or not, many questions definitely will or already have aroused.

No panic, this blog will help you to answer most of them, or at the very least give you some true and reliable concrete facts about much of your questions that stayed in the shadows.

So, here is our list of benefits of buying a property in Turkey and why it would make sense to seriously consider the purchase.


There are many reasons for buying a property in Turkey, and some of it is financial, cultural, legal and some is related to living way.


The amendments to the Turkish citizenship law and the decision to grant to those who buy property worth 250,000$ are exceptional opportunity that must not be lost.

The naturalization decision includes all members of the new owner’s family including the wife and the children under age 18.

Also Current laws allow anyone owning a property (i.e those whose name has been registered to the title deed a.k.a TAPU in Turkish) to apply for a permanent residency. This right given applies not only to the person(s) whose name is on the title deed, but also family comprising wife and kids under age 18.


In an era where touristic trends are changing and where more and more people are seeking for the opportunity to find that ideal property to rent for their holidays, Turkey has certainly already taken its comparatively advantageous position among them. Properties for rent to holiday makers get booked early in the season and guarantees a satisfying income for all property owners.

It goes also without saying that a strong local demand is also a point to consider and the mass of young Turkish people looking for an apartment to rent is also a strong income generator.


Turkey has strong financial institutions and finding the right financing solution, which will help you to purchase your ideal property, is easy to reach and fast to finalize. Unlike many western countries, where a mass of paperwork is involved and a stressful waiting time is necessary, the same process is Turkey takes just about a few days and, depending on your income and financial statements, almost always guaranteed to be finalized on your favor.


When buying a property, you are NOT buying a share in the property, or take over the lease of it, or just rent it for XX years from the local government.

Whenever you buy a property in Turkey, you buy the whole property and get the full ownership of it!

So what does that mean concretely?

The first thing you should know is that laws and regulations regarding buying a property DO NOT differ whether if you are Turkish or not. Same rules and laws apply for anyone buying a property in Turkey.

So now that you own a property in Turkey, you and/or those with whom you share its ownership (might be your wife, kids or business partner) have full rights on it until you either sell it.

As a last note, when buying a property in Turkey, you do not only buy a property, but also gets ownership, or in better words, a share on the land where the complex has been built.


Owning a property in Turkey for foreigners is subject to the exact same laws and regulations given to locals. In other words, owning a property, and the procedure to own it is just a matter of few days. What better than knowing that the ownership of your ideal property in Turkey is just a day or two far from realisation.


Unlike many European resorts known for their environment appreciated mostly by one major type of homebuyers, Turkey is the meeting point of several different cultures. In most, not to say all popular locations appreciated by international property buyers, the living environment consists of a neighborhood built on many different cultures living harmoniously together.


When it comes in enjoying pretty much all aspects of life, from breakfast at a cozy restaurant near the sea, to diner in a 5 stars restaurant, from day to day grocery shopping to regular fun shopping, it goes without saying that Turkey offers a comparative advantage when it comes in living comfortably on a budget.

The meyhane Istanbul


Many books and guides about Turkey start with the same old adage: Turkey is a bridge where east and west meets. No need to try to find a better definition of what Turkey truly is. Turkey is truly a meeting point of different cultures where everyone can either discover a new culture, but also find much common point with their culture.

15 July martyrs Bridge


From Troy to the Ottoman Empire, if there is something Turkey has to offer to all history enthusiasts, it is certainly it’s rich history. Thanks to its geographical position, Turkey has been home to many cultures throughout history, and each part of it, no matter if its north or south, east or west offers a glimpse of history.

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