First Step in Dental Treatment

First Step in Dental Treatment

What is the First Examination?

It’s the first stage in which the information’s about the treatments to be performed are given by the dentists.

The way of treating is determined and explained to the patients by using the panoramic X-rays for each patient who visits our centers.

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Why is the panoramic X-ray Used?

  • X-ray help the dentist identify problems with the jaw and teeth.
  • Unnoticed interface caries during the examination, bone loss and root canal problems can be easily detected.
  • Panoramic X-ray allow early detection with many dental caries, cystic and tumoral formations on the jaw.
  • The X-ray images make it possible to save time and money through early detection and treatment.
  • X-ray help the treatment planning more rapidly and correctly.
  • X-ray show very large area to be treated and increase the success rate of treatment.
  • Thanks so panoramic X-ray, embedded teeth can be removed easily and safely.

Oral diagnosis is the most important part in dentistry. Indeed, in case of

A wrong diagnosis, it is not possible to talk about accuracy of the treatment.

Oral diagnosis specialist should be well-equipped, experienced, friendly and tolerant in addition, dentists should make treatment planning together

With the physicians who are experts in their field.

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By Tarek Balkacemi
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